PAMAS After Sales Support

CUSTOMER SERVICE is a top priority at PAMAS. After the purchase of a particle counter, PAMAS offers its customers a reliable and professional after sales support service. Special emphasis is focussed on qualified device service and calibration in accordance with valid standards. Automatic particle counters should be recalibrated at least once in a 12-month period […]

Calibration according to ISO 11171: 2020


The PAMAS calibration laboratory has successfully completed its in-depth analysis of the new standard reference material SRM 2806d. As of today, all new PAMAS systems will be calibrated in accordance with ISO 11171:2020 using calibration suspension SRM 2806d. Previous calibrations of PAMAS instruments will of course retain their validity up to their current date of […]

New ISO 11171 Standard Reference Material

PAMAS is delighted to announce that it has received its first delivery of the newly certified Standard Reference Material SRM 2806d from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The new suspension material is currently been extensively tested in the PAMAS laboratory. All PAMAS master systems will be converted to the new reference material […]