Breweries have special requirements


People say, and genuinely believe, that beer is the favourite drink in Germany. Also, beer is the global market leader of alcoholic beverages. For centuries, breweries have had to fulfil the highest of quality standards. In addition to the brewing ingredients, the manufacturing process is strictly monitored too. An important step in beer production is […]

Safety in the power supply system due to PAMAS particle counters

Oil-filled power transformers are used in power generation and distribution. Even a very low level of particulate contamination within this oil can damage the large machinary and can pose a safety risk. Due to the high amount of transferred voltage, transformers heat up significantly and thus need to be cooled. Power transformers are usually cooled […]

PAMAS S40 – a milestone in the company’s history

Online and offline, pressureless or under high pressure, in the laboratory or in the field – the versatility of PAMAS particle counters is evident and typifies how over the years, the continued developments have ensured that PAMAS remains a world leader in liquid particle counting. For almost 30 years PAMAS has been manufacturing automatic particle […]